The project was about the story of how the 1% of the world had begin to abandon Earth in favour of going to Mars as the sustainability of Earth has became too difficult to save. The storyline itself with major key dates was co-created with ChatGPT based off of my prompts after finding articles based on NASA and SpaceX predictions for when going to the Mars will be most likely.
These are a snapshot of the images I made in Midjourney, These were made using a mix of some simple prompts in some images and some exploration for more complex prompts in some instances. An Example of a more simple prompt used: 

"A piece of a million person large colony on Mars with futuristic surroundings, the atmosphere should feel utopian, taken from a vantage point" 

Whereas a slightly more difficult to generate image consisted of the following prompt:

"Forest fires devastate Canadian wilderness, from aerial view, HDR, RTX, taken on a Canon EOS R with wide angle lens, 800 ISO, hyper realistic, Maximum detail, Photo realistic, [AR 4:1], [v5]"
One of the key sections of the story was co-created by ChatGPT and myself and it was done in 5 year segments to stop the digital infographic from becoming too long, but the general structure of the infographic was designed with the idea to show the disparity between a view through the helmet on Mars which has a floating UI system compared to numerous natural disasters on Earth. The full infographic is available below: 

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