These wayfinding renders aim to encapsulate what the signage would look like on location. Utilising well-known typography for wayfinding, colour thematics, icons, maps and more, the sign's aim to be clean, modern, and versatile for varied locations from parks, to extreme sporting locations.
The renders focused on Delapre Abbey, yet a full schematic of wayfinding for various signage types was also created and modelled after various activity areas from Nature, Historical, Industry, Communal, and Activity.
The branding underpinned a lot within this project, it used an Abstract shape that resembled an A for Activity, and this was created by use of a path leading from destination to destination, alongside a supporting cast of contrasting type selection, custom icon work, and a hand-picked colour palette for the 5 area types aforementioned.
Social Media Marketing based on taking existing visual styles and incorporating it into some launch posts to help gain interest in the area's. These all utilised direct copywriting, what3words, location coordinates, icons's and our own photography.
Digital collateral in the form of a website shows a colourful and bold events page just in front of the Home & Map pages. These concepts were made to show how effective the style can be on a website; There was generous spacing and sizing used on the navigation bars of the website to allow more access, with other elements being expandable for the majority.
This was the original pitched content and style we created as a team, our pitch was decided to be as the top 2 from the project brief, and later went on to be the winner. The project has since been continued and you can see more on their website.

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